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Quality is paramount. Our goal is to bring you the best premium organic matcha tea from Japan to you.


8 Health benefits of drinking organic matcha tea



Our organic matcha tea gives you an immediate energy boost lasting between 3 to 6 hours with virtually no calories! Find out more ...




Drinking our organic matcha tea 3 times a day boosts your metabolism by an extra 300kJ, which is equivalent to 10 minutes of high intensity aerobics! Find out more ....




Regular consumption of our organic matcha tea helps to reverse sun damage on your skin, keeping it youthful and radiant. Find out more ...




Studies have shown that matcha tea reduces stress, keeps you relaxed and elevate your mood due to its high L-Theanine content. Find out more ...




Drink our organic matcha tea before your workouts and you will burn 17% more fat than a placebo. The ultimate energy drink! Find out more ...




1 cup of organic matcha tea has 117x more antioxidants than regular green tea. In some studies, the antioxidant EGCG inhibits telomere shortening, which is thought to be one of the reasons we age. Find out more ...




Matcha has been shown to improve mental alertness and sharpens focus in some studies, whilst at the same time keeping you calm. Try our organic matcha tea for exams and those stressful situations! Find out more ...




Studies from Japan and South Korea have shown that green tea extract kills some influenza viruses and also stop them from attaching to our healthy cells. Find out more …



What is the best way to make a great cup of matcha tea?

Let us show you how!


First and foremost, we are passionate about matcha tea and always keen in getting the best matcha from Japan. We drink it a few times a day ourselves. We have been selling matcha since 2008. We started in the UK and are now branching out to Australia. In our quest to supply the best matcha, we have been to Japan, tried and taste-tested all sorts of matcha, from different suppliers, farms and brands, including our competitors in the UK and Australia, and we are happy to say that the matcha we offer our customers is one of the best matcha outside Japan. Now, we are focused on getting only high quality organic matcha at a reasonable price for our customers in Australia.

New to Matcha?

Let us tell you a bit more about our organic magic green powder!

What is matcha?

Matcha is strictly Japanese stone-grounded green tea which has been shaded before harvest. We source our matcha tea from Uji, near Kyoto, which is the birthplace of matcha and still produces the highest quality matcha in Japan.

Shaded before harvest 

Our matcha is shaded for 21 days before harvest. This traditional process increases the amino acids and chlorophyll content of the tea. This gives matcha its unique flavour and immense health benefits. 

Only the best top 3 leaves are hand picked!

This is the secret of our great quality organic matcha tea and what our logo symbolises. Only the best top 3 tea buds are hand picked by skilled and seasoned tea pickers. This differentiates our high grade organic matcha tea from other matcha found in the market today. Try our matcha tea and see the difference in its colour, aroma and taste.

Steamed, dried and de-veined

The harvested tea leaves are then steamed, dried and de-veined to preserve its goodness. It is called tencha at this stage and looks very dark green. The darker the colour, the higher the quality. 

Stone ground in Uji, Japan

Organic Tencha is then slowly stone-grounded to produce organic matcha tea. It takes 1 hour to produce 30g of matcha. It used to be done by hand by tea masters. It has to be done slowly to not generate heat which will degrade the matcha.

Vacuum sealed. Packed with goodness.

Our organic matcha tea is then vacuum packed in the factory in Japan to seal in and preserve its anti-oxidants and flavour. This is important to reduce its exposure to air before reaching our valued customers.

What our customers say about our matcha

I am 66 and do a stressful job. I have to travel a long way to work one and a half hours each way. I find matcha teasan invaluable taken with crushed flax seeds after a breakfast of porridge.   My peers wonder where I get the energy from.my colleagues wonder why I am so calm in frantic situations Hurrah for matcha teasan!


Thank you for being so helpful! I gave the matcha to my father as a gift. He was not keen on the colour at first but then he had some and he loved it. I followed your instructions when I made him a cup, half a teaspoon of matcha, dash of water, whisking and then filling up the cup. He loved it:)


I work as a hospital nurse. I have many night shifts as part of my job. I feel that the nights goes by smoother and my tasks seem easier when I take matcha before going to work, especially at night. I am also a mother and teasan matcha helps me stay on top of things at home too!


I have Multiple sclerosis, I cannot take coffee and I really need the energy! My cup of matcha every morning helps me a lot to get on with my day. It is not as easy for me as for the rest of healthy people. Recently, Dr Terry Whals, an MD professor that suffers with MS as well recommended to drink matcha. This really gives me confidence that I was doing well listening to my body and it needs.


Any comments or queries about matcha? We are happy to hear from you.

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